Friday, June 05, 2009

The Quilted Hill Shop

Long before we went to Oregon for the graduation my SIL sent me a newspaper clipping about the Quilted Hill because it was going to be featured in a quilt magazine's Shop Hop. It was - fortunately- on the way back from the graduation, so we stopped. We were due back at the house for dinner, so I made an hour long browse fit into fifteen minutes. Phew*

My husband kindly took pictures of the outside.

I was looking intently at the fabric on the shelves, searching for a print to use in the wedding quilt. I thought that would be a fun keepsake. My sons and DIL-to-be browsed too and DS2 kept saying, "Hey mom, did you see this?"

"Wow, look at that!"

I was so focused on the inventory I almost forgot to look up!

I did find a green print that'll work just great for the quilt. I bought it while the bridal couple weren't looking. =D


Kathie said...

I love the pictures you took in the shop, looks like a wonderful shop. The sign fits me perfectly I may have to make one for myself!!!!
sorry you only had 15 min.

Fabricfaire said...

You were sure lucky you were able to stop there! I hope on our next trip to Oregon I can go there!