Thursday, June 04, 2009

Family Trip to Oregon

In early May, DS2 graduated from Ecola Bible college in Cannon Beach, OR. We drove up (14 hours!) to see the graduation and then move him home.

Afterward we got a bite to eat, we went to the dorms, along with the other hundred plus students and their parents, and packed all his worldly belongings into two cars. I wished I'd taken pictures of that endeavor! Then we headed to Seaside and played on the swings on the beach. That was cool.

It was scenes like this that warmed my heart, together again. We were staying at my SIL's in Dundee and the following day we had a great family celebration with four generations of my husband's family there.

This is Gma and Gpa with grandkids and great grands. We've almost gotten to be too large a group to all fit in one picture, so we do it in sections.

My new family of five. At that point the wedding was a little over a month away.

And we celebrated Hollin's birthday.

I got to see my niece's face (and her husband's) when they opened the baby cardigan. That was fun. Even though Baby Michael was there - you can see him in his baby pack - we never really saw much of him, he really liked it in that thing.

And my nephew and his wife got to see Nathan and Danielle's faces when they opened one of their first wedding presents. Fun!

We got to meet our second cousins for the first time, visiting from Japan, Baby May and her sister Erica.

And DH behind the lens...

We made a trip to the Quilted Hill quilt shop and toured a display of Oregon Trail inspired quilts at the Hoover-Minthorn Museum. Pictures soon.

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Fabricfaire said...

I love seeing your family gathering! It warms my heart! Hollin did good!! The labels in the background must be reminisent of farming apples!!! Displaying them is "cosy"!