Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Teabag Wallets

I've been working on the king-sized wedding quilt for Nathan and Danielle, but of course I can't post pictures of that. I'm taking pictures along the way and will probably blog about it all at once when it's nearly ready to be gifted. In the meantime I'm sewing teabag wallets for sale. They've taken off among my co-workers and I can't seem to make 'em fast enough.

Over time I've refined the original pattern. I used to sew in a loop of ribbon for the closure but it was too hard to open and close. Now I sew in a beaded strand to wrap around the button, very nice.

I really enjoy picking the colors and coordinating the parts. They're fast and satisfying, just what I need in between piecing blocks for the wedding quilt. :D

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Fabricfaire said...

I sure do like my "Tea Bag Wallet".I keep it "loaded" and w/me!