Monday, March 31, 2008

This Spring's Trip to the Redwoods

Frank went in search of wildflowers and wood nymphs in Montgomery State park recently. It was fun to see the oak tree on the ridge again; this time with a steer grazing nearby instead of a heifer.

These are dual-screen shots so click to enlarge.

These images have a painterly effect applied to them in PaintShopPro. If they look slightly out of focus, it's because they are. :cD


Lindah said...

Love your pics. Especially the ferns and redwoods. We used to go to the coast every summer late. Haven't been for several years. I miss it. I think I have stood in that spot amongst the ferns and big trees. lol or one like it! mmm-I do miss it.

Rosy said...

Great usual! I think I can smell the "woods"!