Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wanted to send a friend of mine a picture of my Log Cabin miniature and when I went to my blog found it wasn't there! Haven't I posted my minis, where've I been?
So for those of you that have wanted to see my miniatures, here ya go ~

My first, machine pieced in strips, hand quilted. Seams are 1/4". Each Nine patch finishes at 3/4". Photo by DH.

This one was from a Sally Collins workshop early in the 1990s. It placed Third in the County Fair because the machine quilting is iffy. I didn't care, I still like it.

This one was made as part of a 'skills trade'. She got the mini and I got one of my nap sized quilts machine quilted. Made in the early 1990's from "Earthtones".

Pine Trees. Machine pieced, machine quilted. The HST units finish at 1/4". Photo by DH.

Log Cabin, or Straight Furrows; machine pieced, hand quilted. I'd made this one again in a minute, it was so fun and is so pleasing.

Broken Dishes, machine pieced from cut-away HSTs from another project that I just couldn't throw away, machine quilted.

I don't have a lot of luck handquilting my minis. I can't seem to get the stitches and the quilt designs to scale. But people always seemed impressed by the fact these are not paper pieced. I learned to make minis before paper piecing was really popular so... And I'm usually happy with the results. Though if I ever attempt the mini Feather Star - I don't know, it might be better to try pp'ing it.


Shelina said...

These are all beautiful - thank you for sharing them. I really enjoy making the little ones too - I think I should make more like those!

Rosy said...

How nice to view them all together!
They are all so nice, I think the pine trees are my fav's! Well, the baskets also,oh gee, all of them!
I am so addicted to PP's I shudder to think about going "straight"!
You really need to enter them all in FLQS this year!

Lindah said...

They all are so beautiful. And intricate. And tiny. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I can't believe you didn't even paper piece them. They are all wonderful. Gives me something to aspire to. Connie