Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beach Day

Frank and I spent last weekend with Nathan and his GF in Santa Rosa. We celebrated Nathan's birthday Saturday with dinner, cake and gifts. Then Sunday after church we all loaded into the Mazda and went to the coast.

It was a *perfect* day. In all the years I've gone to the Sonoma or Mendocino coast I have never seen a nicer, warmer, *windless* day. We were in heaven.

The only down side was the lack of wind made kite flying a challenge. Nathan's stunt kite takes more than the usual amount of wind to keep it going. But Hollin made a valiant try.

We picniced and sat in the sun... something it's rarely warm enough to do.

The water looked so nice and others were walking the shore line so I gave it a try. It was *cold*, numbing cold!

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Danielle said...

It was a fabulous day!! I am still in awe of the great weather we had. So glad you could come join us. :0) Danielle

Rosy said...

What a great time you had! I love the photos of your family. The surf photos are spectacular!

Su Bee said...

Oh wow -- what a beautiful day! Lucky you to have stumbled on perfect weather there. Looks like the spot for a long nap in the sun.......