Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two Inch Precut Squares

I guess I have a reputation among my quilt guild friends for working with small pieces. So when they came across this box of 2" precut squares while cleaning out the guild storage unit it was decided they should be given to me. Well I couldn't say no could I?

I didn't count how many squares there are but I had a good old time sitting in the recliner by the fire for more hours than I care to mention enjoying and admiring many of the fabrics. There's a wide variety and it's amusing to see all the different styles and colors together in one place.

I didn't need this box of squares. I have my own! What was I thinking? But I started pulling out favorites and planning color schemes and the next thing I knew I'd made a doll quilt. The arrow in the picture above points to the pile of squares used.

But there are so *many* such doll quilts waiting to be made from these squares. This is insane, someone save me!


Lindah said...

Hi Leslie!
I sent you an email saying I couldn't open your comment window. Here it is a couple hours later and it's working.
By the way, beautiful coast pics on the previous blog!

Rosy said...

I just knew you would quickly create something adorable w/those squares! Keep going!!!

Jeanne said...

Very cute doll quilt! You'll be fine and will have that box empty in no time. *s*

Shelina said...

It's beautiful - so bright and cheery. The sun is shining today and that quilt goes along with it just fine.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm relieved to know that so *many* dolls will now be able to sleep all snug and warm because of you! Well done, Leslie. And, NO, (to answer your question) of course you couldn't say "no", how would that be possible, it was meant to be yours!