Friday, March 21, 2008

Doll Quilt Update

Thanks for all the comments on the doll quilt. I've had several really pleasant e-mail conversations with quilters about the pre-cut squares and the doll quilt. I'm reluctant to tell you that when I practiced free-motion Bishop's fan on it, the quilting is *so* bad I can't bring myself to donate it. I'm not just being my own worst critic either. It's *embarrassing*!

I had just asked Frank to put turtle wax on the bed of my machine to aid the free motion of the quilting. Yikes! It was so free that was a lot of the problem, it had a mind of it's own. Su swears she thinks waxing your machine is the hottest thing since paper napkins, but it must be for larger quilts with more drag.

So I haven't sewn since that day it seems. Too preoccupied with other things. We had a terrific Spring hike at the lake last Sunday and it was so great to see the water level up where it needs to be. This man-made rez is my community's water supply and we were already being asked to ration during the *winter* months. I wasn't looking forward to what summer rationing was going to be like.

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But it was heaven to lay on the grass along the rim of the lake and watch the red tailed hawks circling overhead. The breeze was a touch cool, but there were fragrant heathers blooming near by and all in all it was a great reprieve from the daily-ness of life.

Frank creates desktop images for his dual screen monitor set up, that's why some of the pictures I post are panoramas.


Su Bee said...

LOL! I know exactly how the little quilt on the waxed bed went - I had the same problem. But for those big draggy ones, it will be great.
Now - I need very badly to go lay in that grass by the lake --

Liberty Star Farm said...

Learning how not to do something is as valuable as learning how to do it.

I have donated many of my machine quilted pieces to animal shelters. They are often in need of washable towels, sheets or blankets. Some of the smaller ones that have been donated go to cats who I promise you will say not a single word about the quilting and I know that would love something soft to curl up on.

Rosy said...

You always do such interesting experiments!