Friday, June 02, 2006

More from the photo studio

Most of the time when I photograph my quilts, I tack them up on the side of the shed out back and call it good. I like the rustic backdrop the shed gives. Once in awhile the quilt is larger than the shed and I have to tack it to the side of our biege house, but that's only happened twice.

Other times Frank sets up the quilt with elements and props chosen to feature the quilt's colors to their best advantage. This first quilt is a Challenge wall hanging I did with the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild over a dozen years ago. Like the color of the 'wine' in the glass?

This one was taken in the summer of... 2003. We were vacationing with my Mom from New England and my brother and his family from Washington state and they chose a summer rental in Guerneville. This is the dinner table set for the six of us.

Frank photographed The Baltimore Album Quilt one day while I was at work. It was the picture on my computer desktop when I got home and I have to say I was thrilled! It had taken 14 years to get this quilt hand quilted, between the repeditive motion injury which resulted in a sprained wrist, forearm and tricep... and spending a lot of time waiting for me to get back to it, I didn't really see this quilt anymore. I'd already lived with it for over a decade. But when I saw this image on my computer screen it was like seeing it with fresh eyes; like a page out of a magazine. What a beautiful quilt! Now that was fun...

After a quilt's finished and starts getting used, it becomes part of my family; familiar, loved, comfortable. But every once in awhile I'll be laying in bed daydreaming, or waking up slowly and I'll look at the current quilt on the bed and think, "I did that??" I can remember the time and maybe the frustration the process took... but mostly I don't. I look at the colors, the prints that are like old friends and enjoy the work of my hands.

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