Monday, June 12, 2006


Last night we went to the Ukiah Summer Concert in the Park kick-off concert. Usually Todd Grove park is the best place to be on a hot summer evening, with the strong coastal wind blowing in through the divide. But this time it wasn't hot. It didn't feel like summer, it was overcast and downright cool.
But that didn't stop us from enjoying the music and the people watching and the talking-really-loud-at-each-other that you have to do to be heard while trying to visit during the music. We heard Leon Russell, still playin' out his life on stages, with ten thousand people watching. One of our friends had graduated HS with him and from that we were trying to figure out how old he is. I couldn't see the stage at that point and asked what he looked like. Well this is what he looked like, only with a big cowboy hat atop all that snowy hair. Everyone has to have a look I suppose, but he looked like a spook. And you didn't need really cheap sunglasses on last night, it was overcast like I said. Maybe eventually the hot-dry-sunny summer weather we all usually complain about will come to Ukiah. It's mid-June for Cryin' out loud! I don't want to have to huddle under a blanket at the summer concert. I want to wear a tank top and flip flops and eat ice cream on a stick. Enough of this grey nothing that's been hovering over the valley off and on for weeks. Hey there Mr. Blue. It's so nice to be with you. Look around see what you do. Everybody smiles at you. Missing you, Leslie

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Su Bee said...

hee hee, ho ho ho -- I love the cool!! OK, I like the cool. I'll take cooler over 100 all month for a year!!
Mr. Russell is very interesting.......