Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back From the Pacific Northwest

Thank heavens for vacations! Just got back from five days in northeast Washington visiting family and seeing the sites. I won't include the family photos of the graduation, the BBQ, and the gift opening, etc. But the following is a nice representation of our trip to Seattle and the famous Pikes Place open air market. Everything from fish to flowers, produce to pottery. At first I felt just like I was in San Francisco touring the shops at Pier 39 or Fisherman's wharf; the similarities were striking. But the Space Needle on the tee-shirts and the plethora of Starbucks Coffee shops eventually had an impact on my brain. Oh yeah... I'm not in my California, I'm hours away from home, and there's no TransAmerica building in sight.

The South End
Art and LoversFacing South
Horsing Around Costumer
Tom the Costumer - Make a wish...
Chillis on a String

The produce was a big draw. The market displays were cheery and colorful, but I thought the prices were really high. Then again, California produce is shipped nation wide. I bet it's really hard to grow oranges and grapes and kiwis in the cool, often foggy climate of Washington.

This is actually a food. I think they said it's in the cauliflower family, but it looks like a sea creature to me.

But the flowers! Now THAT was something to see. The row of flower vendors went on and on and on. The colors, the size of the blossoms and the variety of bouquets ~ WONDERFUL. I can't grow a nastursium to save my life, too dry in my town.

Ferry Docking

And what would this brief photo tour be without a picture of the Needle and Mt Rainier in the distant background? I had to rob this photo from another blog (thank you fellow blogster). The day I was there it was so damp and cold you couldn't see that far. But we knew it was there.

My Weather Pixie says it's 95 degrees in my town. The five day forecast says it should reach 107 by the weekend. But I'm glad for the heat. This California girl was cold for five days in that state. It's lush and green, sure. But I'll take the dry, summer time, anytime.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
I am so glad I got to see your wonderful photos of your trek to the N.W!!! I haven't been to Pikes Market for many years and was glad to see it that it just gets better w/updates of new vendors!!
104* here today!