Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thoughts While Watching the Day Go

It's been so slow at work lately, I've been imitating the Maytag man. You know, staring blankly into space, chin in hand, elbow on knee. It's a funny thing about slow days at work; while most of the organization has MORE than enough to do and would give anything to have some down time, I putter my way through the day. Boredom creeps in, then apathy, then depression - if I'm not careful. I read this in the 7th-8th grade classroom on campus this morning. There is often really neat, inspirational posters and quotes on the classroom walls. When do we  stop needing that sort of food for thought? Never I think. Responsibility requires action. Responsibility is the active side of morality. Doing what I should do. Doing what I said I would do. What is best for everybody. Especially the one thing I should be doing right now. Work's been a bear. I wish more people I knew (my supervisor) would embrace these basic thoughts; thoughts that my husband and I tried to instill in our sons as they were growing up. And now that they're on their own, living and working out in the world, they comment and complain about the lack of decency, follow-through and responsibility they see among most of their friends/peers. Seek Truth. Embrace Honesty. Test all things. Hold on to what is good.

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