Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Quilter's UFOs: Part One

Mom loves to visit thrift stores as much as I do. We had a hearty browse at the local Senior Center Thrift store, where they have a large crafting department. Mom does paper craft and makes greeting cards. She found a dozen items to add to her inventory. We joked that she'd need an extra carry-on to get it all home.

Picture from the Internet

I just about came unglued when I discovered an unfinished quilt project in the sewer's corner. All the pieces seemed to be there and the instructions too! I literally scooped them up and took them to the check out.

When there was a quiet moment, I unpacked the two zippered bags and this is what I have.

It's called Lots of Little Pink Stars and all 336 3" star blocks have been made, many of them sewn into the diagonal set rows.

The seamstress's piecing skills are lovely, all points are clear and sharp. Here's a picture of the finished quilt I found on the Internet.

I wonder why she gave up on it. Did she have to down-size and there were just too many projects to choose from? Was there no daughter or niece that could've finished it? Lovely fabrics, careful cutting and stitching, so close to being a complete top. I'll never know the answers, but it sure makes me wonder.

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Lynette said...

Wow! SCORE!! That's really fantastic. Maybe there's not enough of the background fabric? (Or is the background scrappy?)