Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Quilter's UFOs: Part Two

During the same visit to the thrift store where I found the Lots of Little Pink Stars quilt pieces, I found another unfinished quilt project; probably by the same quilter. There was something about the collection of prints and the quality of the workmanship that seemed to say this too, was from the maker of the Little Pink Stars.

I brought it home also, feeling like I was adopting orphans and in some way wanting to keep them together. This one is a Double Nine Patch quilt done in blues and whites.

Lots of fabric and LOTS of pre-cut strips. But from what I can tell the quilt maker didn't speed piece the nine patches, each square was cut and sewn individually. Bless her heart.

I went through it all, grouped, sorted and counted, and then packed it all neatly into a project box. It's been added to my UFO shelf. But at least it has a home.

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Lynette said...

I love that you are finishing these. This one looks like it could become a really nice Quilt of Valor