Saturday, November 05, 2016

Quick Community Quilts

Show and Tell at quilt guild is so inspiring! The ladies showed a lovely collection of simple and complex quilts destined for gifts or donating to the community. I came home and jumped on some community quilts of my own.

Here are four of seven that I made. Some are flannel front and back and some are dress weight cotton on the front, with flannel on the back. Made from a yard of each, by width of fabric, each one takes a little more than an hour. So satisfying!

And when I didn't have a full yard, I mixed and matched. Isn't that how patchwork got its start? This was the first layout, but I thought it was a little uninspired.

I added white and liked it much better.

After adding two borders, it came together nicely. Backed with flannel, without batting in the middle, and lightly quilted, it finished at a nice car-seat size.

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