Sunday, November 20, 2016

Upcycled Lawn Chair

I was inspired by a fiber friend's lawn chairs, redone in brightly colored macrame' cord. That looks fun, maybe I could try something new...

Example from the Internet
I spent time going to all the second-hand and thrift stores in three towns, looking for aluminum lawn chairs. Nothing. Then I went to a  handful of rummage sales and flea markets. I think the style is passe', all I found were collapsible canvas camp chairs.

Not to be deterred, I posted a request for used aluminum lawn chairs on After months without a reply, a woman offered me hers. Well they looked like they were one stop away from the dump, but that didn't put me off. This is an upcycling project after all.

I hosed them down, removed the old webbing and worked away at cleaning the aluminum frame.

It was going along fine until I discovered the rivet that held the leg to the body was snapped. Project stalled.

I continued to spend time on Google searching macrame' lawn chair DIYs and videos. It just looks so cool. But if I can't find a frame to start with, it's all moot. I did discover you can buy new aluminum chair frames, but they're nearly 30.00. That sort of defeats the purpose for me. It's really about making something old, new again. I'm still intrigued by the idea, but I haven't had the heart to check out the second frame yet.

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