Sunday, November 13, 2016

Four Patch and Friends

When I was on quilt retreat in October, one of the ladies was making a Four Patch and Friends quilt.
I got all excited by how easy it looked and got the pattern information from her for "Someday".  It's made from Four patches and Snowball blocks, simple.

The day I couldn't deal with the Boston Common quilt anymore, these are the fabrics I pulled from my collection, thinking to start something new. When I get the urge to 'start something new', it's a good tip off that I need a break from the current project. The fact that the color palette was the opposite of the blue-green of the Split Nine Patch blocks was also clear to me.

I like to create a layout in Electric Quilt so I have a game plan as I work. But once I created the layout, I wasn't inspired anymore. Huh, well that saved me a lot of work. I shelved it.

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