Monday, September 24, 2012

Felted Clutch

This felted clutch came together so nicely.
I started with the back of a merino sweater I'd felted. The wool is a rich rust color as you see in this picture, not the orange-ish seen below.

I cut it out so that the ribbing detail from the waist of the sweater became an accent along the top of the flap.


I got out the sewing machine manual and learned how to sew with a buttonhole applique stitch and finished the inside edge.

Ahhh... the perfect antique button from my collection.

I've also made fingerless mitts from this sweater. And I have a hank of yarn I reclaimed drying on the line. How many ways can a sweater be repurposed?

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Fabricfaire said...

That is amazingly creative.