Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Country Store Boutique

My quilt guild has a boutique as part of their annual quilt show in October. I've been crafting, finishing UFO's and busting stash to create items to offer for sale.

Felted needle keeper made from a lamb's wool sweater I reclaimed, felted and over dyed. The felt is more olive green than gray. I hadn't used my machine's buttonhole applique' stitch before, so that was neat. And I had the perfect vintage button to use on the front. Velcro dots inside hold the keeper closed.

Knitted pin cushion.

And dozens and dozens of coordinated fabric bundles priced to sell; quilter's eye candy! As usual I have more ideas than time, but the creative juice is flowing!


Vic in NH said...

Wheee! I want to shop at your guild's table. Nice stuff!

Fabricfaire said...

You are gonna set a country store sales record!!