Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stretching Myself

I'm comfortable with my quilting, have my methods worked out and enjoy the process. But every once in awhile I decide to try something new, i.e. outside my comfort zone.

Mirrored mitered borders. I understand the concept on paper, but needed to see if I could make it happen in real life.

Auditioning the mirrored image. I realized after I played around with the actual border strips I could've just held a mirror up to one strip at different points along the print to see what it would look like, as shown on this blog.

On each border strip I cut 1/4" past the place I want to match for seam allowance.

One side sewn, stopping 1/4" from the edge to allow the seam to pivot when I add the other border strip.

This is my completed test. I had to redo the second seam in order to create a crisp internal corner. Not too bad.


Fabricfaire said...

Wow, great match-up!

Fabricfaire said...

What magic you do!!!