Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coiled Fabric Basket

During guild Show and Share last week I saw a purse made from fabric strips and cotton cord, coiled and zig-zagged. Wow, gotta try that!

Rosy said she had cotton clothesline that she'd be willing to share. She had wanted to make one, but the idea sat too long and it went into hibernation. I know how that happens, something new and exciting comes along to push it off the list.

I tried a 'Mug rug' first, even though the tutorial I watched said the oblong was easier than the circle. Nothing like jumping in with both feet...

The first one was a little stiff. The next day I was digging in my (ancient) collection of notions for a draw string for something else and found this soft cord for upholstery. Ha! It's from Sears and cost 50 cents. You know it's old! That helped the second mug rug to be softer.

On to a basket. I thought the mug rugs were a little too plain so I chose contrasting colors to show the layers more. These were my original choices.

Using a glue stick to secure the end of one strip and the beginning of the next worked wonderfully. Things went faster after that. I decided to make the last few rows in a dark green to give it a finished look.

Watching how the large scale prints create a pattern is fun.

Love it! There's a great YouTube tutorial here. I used clear mono-filament in the top, which becomes the inside and variegated thread in the bobbin, for the outside.


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Ficou muito lindo,nunca tentei isto,mas vou roubartilhar sua ideia e quando fizer minhas xícaras de tecido ,o pires será igual ao seu tapete de caneca.Obrigada por compartilhar e eu vou roubar.ROUBARTILHAR.Beijo.

Vic in NH said...

Nice looking basket; I love your color choices!

Fabricfaire said...

Rosy was waiting for you to show us how to do these wonderful bowls!
What did the comment #1 say????? lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great tutorial. Must the cord be made of cotton? I've read three tutorials on making coiled baskets,and they all list cotton clothesline as the cord. It seems however, that you used a synthetic cord (Sears)? Thanks for responding to my questions!