Saturday, September 03, 2011

Buttonhole Bag 2011

I wanted a little take-along project when we went to the coast last weekend, so I started another Buttonhole bag. When I got the pattern out I was surprised that it was almost exactly a year ago that I made the first one; must've been in my subconscious.

The pattern said I could make it from 2 and a quarter skeins, so I pulled from stash to get started. These colors looked kind of fun together.

Here's the bottom before you pick up the stitches around the edge to knit the body of the bag.

I knitted a jade strip next, but it was too contrast-y. I thought I'd use the jade for the handle. But when I got to the handle, there wasn't enough jade, so I bought more purple.

Hey! I made practically the same bag as last time. And here I thought I'd changed it up. I always mean to measure the bag before and after felting, but I get so caught up in the fun of getting it in the machine to felt, I forget.

Then I found just the right button in my vintage collection. The pictures of it finished are in focus, it's just a really fuzzy bag, fun to hold! This one will be for sale in the LQG's Country Store.

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Fabricfaire said...

Colors are great! It will be a hit at the FLQS store!