Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's Your Favorite Flavor?

My first effort at Kool-Aid dyeing was so much fun I wanted to try other colors. But I didn't have anymore reclaimed wool. That didn't stop me. ;) This is Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.

I borrowed a niddy noddy from a spinning friend and found making skeins with it much easier than the lap board. I measured 50 yards for each color.

In the dye.

Almost all the dye has been absorbed.

Yum! The colors are so fun. I've been scouring the grocery stores for Blue Raspberry. I know it exists but so far, no luck.

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christine said...

Will Berry Blue work? I grabbed five packs while at the market. Not sure if it's the color you're looking for.

There's a photo out on the net somewhere that shows the results of each different flavor. We do our dying with food coloring. We may have to look into the Kool-aid