Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What Passes for Our Front Yard

The workman came to dig out the stump. He'd show up at 1:30 when it was 106 degrees and work for a couple of hours, then call it quits. It took him a week to dig it out, working away at the roots with his backhoe. One day when I came home it looked like this.

When I looked in the hole, he'd put the stump down inside. I guess that was a proper burial.

If we don't plant grass we'll have mud come the rainy season. But with the water restrictions in our valley do we really want to plant?


Fabricfaire said...

What a mess. I have NEVER heard of burying the stump like that! It will rise up as the dirt settles I am sure. That was a cheap way of not taking the stump and cutting it for firewood,etc. It will also impede any thing to grow. With water being scarce, you may want to wait on any decisions for planting grass. Whew, I really sounded off!

Fabricfaire said...

P.S. I discussed this w/my D.H. while having our lunch and he also agreed that the backhoe guy was cheap. Or perhaps your landlord was the cheap one! He should have hauled that stump away on his trailer and found a place to dispose of it.