Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Light on the Subject

The lighting in my sewing room has always been somewhat limited. I have a task lamp over the cutting table, a pole lamp by the sewing machine, a table lamp above the ironing board; still it's not enough. So for my birthday Nathan gave me a ceiling light and the offer to install it. I was de-lighted. :)

Nathan said the first thing to do was make a template the size of the fixture, trace around it on the ceiling and cut the hole. Hey, I can make a template easy. Frank cut the hole, it was a family effort.

Nathan climbed up in the attic to run the electrical wire, oh, after we'd determined which breaker controlled the sewing room light that he was going to tap into, and turned that off. I teased the guys that this picture reminds me of Michaelango's Creation, where God is reaching His hand out to Adam.

Ta-dah! You can see the table lamp in the left background and the task lamp in the right rear, they pale when compared to 120 watts of energy-saver light bulbs. Man what a difference! No more shadows. And I find I don't get as tired as I used to, that's a nice added bonus. Thank you Nathan!

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