Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday Walk

Finally got out of the house Saturday to walk in the golden autumn sunshine. I wasn't fast enough when Frank said, "Look!" Just caught a glimpse of a tawny haunch and tail.

Courtesy of Kim Keating USGS

Maybe he spotted the local flock of wild turkey. Last time I saw them, I counted 22 in the group. Man are turkeys Dumb! The elder will see us and start to move off, the rest will follow and a few stragglers always get left behind. Then they realize they're not with the flock anymore and panic. I've seen a flock walk around a fence, then the straggler dashes to catch up, encounters the fence and doesn't know what to do, dashes back and forth frantically, trying to get through. Can't you fly?? No wonder the first settlers decided on turkey for Thanksgiving, they were easy to hunt.

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