Saturday, October 10, 2009

LQG Annual Show

The program indicated 274 quilts, wall hangings and miniatures. I think I made it through three-quarters of the show and went home with my head full of eye candy.
All images are 'click to enlarge'.

Annie's Grandmother's Flower Garden.
Hand pieced, hand quilted, 1944

Detail, click to see the fussy cutting.

Heirloom Quilt
Unfortunately the family didn't have any information on this quilt. The colors are as bright as if it was made yesterday.

Winter Sky

Same pattern as above in red

These last two might've been mystery quilts. It wasn't until I downloaded the pictures that I saw they were the same pattern. It's fun to see how different quilts can be.

Double Wedding Ring - King (note the straight edge finish)

Seeing Double
It doesn't show too well in the photo, but this quilt radiated purple.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Miniature.
This was jaw droppingly beautiful, look at her accuracy and no ribbon??

My Potluck - A challenge quilt.
Guild members exchanged 2 and 1/2" strips of batik in a variety of colors.

My Lucky Quilt
A raffle quilt won by one of the women that worked on the hand quilting.

Celtic Rose

I stood sighing and dreaming over this one. The quilter's applique and hand quilting stitches are heirloom quality. Her choice of fabrics for the miniature roses is breath taking. The pencil bias work was flawless. It hung next to the ribbon winner in its class and I almost threw a tantrum when I saw it.

Rabbit Patch

I don't think judging is as subjective as they'd like us to believe. Yes there's a lot of appliqued rabbits and leaves in the border, but thread used didn't match and the stitches were visible on all pieces. Besides I don't like the color scheme much, brown, lime and pink?

Blue Mountains

Close up of quilting in the set triangle.

What's Your Point?

Indian Summer
These three quilts were hung throughout the show. I grouped them because I wanted to show how different they are. What's Your Point doesn't use half blocks to finish the rows and has a nice off set look as a result. A guild class.

Flying Geese

My Exquisite 3-D Challenge
The points of the stars are three dimensional.

Dreaming of Atlantis

A Box of Chocolates
An original design

As usual after a quilt show I went home tired but happy. Until next year ~


Lindah said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful quilt photos. It is especially interesting to see the same pattern worked up in different fabrics and colors and/or settings. LQG..."Local Quilt Guild"??

Fabricfaire said...

The Celtic Rose was a beautiful creation. However, the word is that it was late getting there and therefore could not be judged. It did win Viewers Choice!!!

Fabricfaire said...

P.S. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is great, but, I believe it also didn't make the deadline.