Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sewing Room

Because of the new light I suddenly saw how *cluttered* the sewing room is. The room is 10' x 10' and I've been collecting and adding to it for 8 years, when my youngest moved out. I just keep bringing more stuff in and the collection is starting to reach 'critical mass'. I decided after three years of blogging it was time to post pictures of where I sew.

Clockwise starting by the door -

There are two totes and my feather weight tucked under the sewing table.

The design wall is a sheet of foam core board covered with white felt. It's small but better than the piece of batting tacked to the closet door I used to use

My stash is stored under the cutting table in rubbermaid totes and is grouped red/orange/yellow, blue, green/black, pink/purple, white on white/cream/muslin/backgrounds and tan/brown/chocolate. When I stash dive I pull out the tote color I want and literally dive. Lila usually comes from wherever she is in the house and joins in, purring and rubbing against me and the totes. I've decided I must give off a happy vibe that somehow summons her.

This is my clothes closet which doubles as project storage, the boxes are labeled, Lights to be cut, Darks to be cut, 2" squares, 2 1/2" inch squares, 1 1/2" strips - light and dark, etc.

I tried to figure out what I could get rid of to make space in the room, but I can't part with any of it. There's 30 years of fabric collecting and works-in-progress in there. Generally it's comforting to spend time in there; sometimes it's overwhelming to think about. I just try to stay focused on the project at hand and let the rest whisper to me.


Lindah said...

A belated Happy Birthday! It's good to have light. 120 watts should make a difference... especially in a 10x10. It looks like you are quite organized, it's just that there is only so much space in 10x10. I have a really small space plus borrowed cabinets/corners all over the house. In my younger years I was a real neatnik. I had oodles of energy to keep things neat and still do the things I wanted/needed to do. Not so much now. So I have decided that I must balance the neat with doing the things I want to do. Do I want to be remembered as a neatnik or as a happy quilter/gardener/gramma? It bugs me that I can't do it all, but such are the golden years. If you know where "it" is, and your sewing room gives off happy vibes, you are blessed!

Fabricfaire said...

You are very organized,just like your creations! I do agree w/Lindah,when the energy is limited,I sew! Sooo nice that Nathan was very thoughtful for him Mom's Bday!

Susan said...

I'm impressed, your 10'x10' sewing room looks amazingly tidy after 8 years! Enjoy your new light -- the older we get, the more we need.

Myra said...

Great compact little sewing room! Mine is just 2 feet!