Monday, September 07, 2009


Following the accident I didn't have much head for sewing, reading, music or videos. But I could sit and knit, so I worked on my tank. It was very comforting to have something I could do despite the mental fog. I guess the hands just know what to do. :D

I completed the front and got six inches up the back before my thumb locked up. Have you ever had that happen? It doesn't hurt, it just gets *stuck* when I try to bend the first knuckle. Haven't knitted in three weeks and I think it's getting better. I sure hope so.


Lindah said...

Ouchie! Good thing it isn't painful. Maybe a silent plea for rest from the knitting needles? I'm glad there is no pain... you've had enough for the time being, I would think. I'm not a knitter so that is probably why I have not had that particular problem. I use my thumbs a bit differently, so I get a different complaint at the base of the thumb. Hopefully yours will relax enough soon that you can finish that beautiful sweater. Love the blue.

a simple quilter said...

oh...I've been there before when marathon knitting and know just what your talking about. Be sure to lay down your work and do hand exercises to reduce strain.

Love the color!

Fabricfaire said...

Ouch, that is just not fair as you have much to make up for in lost knitting and sewing!