Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-dawn Walk

Lately when I step out the door to walk in the morning, the stars are still out. There's something really special about that time of day, before the sun is up and the rest of the world gets moving. I walk the private lane across the street from my house and try to slip passed the dogs that usually bark loudly. Good, they were still asleep.

On the way back I'm warmed up and start my arm, shoulder and neck exercises, trying to get all systems online for the day. I was absorbed in that when I saw this fly overhead.


I stopped in my tracked, breathless. He was so beautiful. When he was almost out of sight he turned and came back, circled just above me; once, twice, three times. I felt like I was praying; it was that magical. I felt visited.


Fabricfaire said...

WOW!!! That was a very special treat for you. Makes the day start off great!

Julie in the Barn said...

Isn't it a mystical thing to see? I'm an early riser and have seen our local owl glide silently by just before dawn. I'll never stay up late enough to see Jay Leno but he certainly can't compare to what is offered to those of us who greet the dawn.

Jeanne said...

Jeanne :)

Lindah said...

How neat! That beautiful creature was welcoming you to a new day --and probably on his way to roost after a busy night.
The stars are still out when you're out walking??? That sounds very early, indeed. Can you tell that I'm not an early riser? :-)

a simple quilter said...

couldn't help but go in search of the symbolism of the owl in other cultures...

I like the idea that he was there as a protector to watch over you.

glad to see you posting again!