Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Knitting

While I'm busy sewing 42- 12" blocks for the wedding quilt I wanted some pick-up, take along work. I decided a little knitting project might be good. It always surprises me when I get into a knitting project, because I don't consider myself 'a knitter' but I have half a dozen completed items to my name, so when will I believe in my ability?

It's called Shapely Tank and you can see the picture here. It was a free pattern in .pdf. They recommended Pima Tencel, which I'm not familiar with, but when I read about it, it sounded yummy, soft and shimmery. It would also cost $35 to make this tank! I settled for Lions Cotton Ease. If it doesn't turn out, it won't break the bank.

1 comment:

Fabricfaire said...

Can't wait to see you wearing this!