Monday, September 07, 2009

A Few Weeks Back

Thank you for writing and asking how I'm doing. I'm continuing to improve each day. Morning's are the worst with dizziness, foggy thinking and fatigue. But I have a physical therapy routine I do for my neck and the symptoms usually lessen as the day goes on. I'm so ready to be well again. I want to sew and stitch and knit. I want *life* again. :D

Back around the second week of August, Frank told me meteor showers were expected during the next two nights. We waited for it to get dark, about 9:15 and then took quilts and lawn chairs and sat out under the stars in the backyard. We didn't have to wait long for the show to start.

It was amazing. They weren't like 'falling stars', they were more like jets of light down or across the sky, some lasting for several seconds; sometimes long enough for one of us to point it out to the other. We must've seen 12 in half an hour.

We sat and talked for about an hour, enjoying the light show. It was *awesome* in the Biblical sense of the word. We talked about stars and gravity and space. We talked about the speed of light and other remote ideas. It's hard to grasp some things that after awhile we've come to take for granted. We got a little chilled and decide to go in, but it had been a magical night.


Lindah said...

Great photo! Did you take it? It sounds like you had a neat "star party." I miss being out where one can actually see stars. With all the light pollution here --and trees-- we see very few stars, but we did see a few of those comet streaks. The vastness of the nighttime sky is a good provoker of conversation. And it's FREE... no technology needed. :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

We were hoping for clear skies so we could watch here too...but unfortunately living in the UK clear skies are hard to come by and it rained :o( Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Sounds like you are slowly getting better. It's good that you have found some relief in some physical therapy..sounds promising.

a simple quilter said...

A few years ago, we took quilts and pillows out to watch...very cozy...hubby and small girl child bailed a few minutes later as it was too boring, but my son and I stuck it out and saw tons of streakers.

We ended up falling asleep out there and would have still been there come sunrise if a smallish animal hadn't crawled between us and woke us when it squeaked near our pillows.

We screamed like a bunch of little girls all the way into the house. A memory my son and I will never forget.

Fabricfaire said...

What a sight!!! Wished we would have walked up on the levee to view those "streaks"! Just too lazy!