Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Road Back

Thank you for the kind comments and well wishes following my last post. I guess it was vague on accident details. I think enough time has passed I can talk a bit about it. I slipped while walking in the river and hit face first on the rocks; whacked my jaw and teeth, gouged the inside of my mouth, sprained my arm, and generally got banged up.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow-up visit and that was about all I did, wiped me out. Ya gotta love western medicine, if they can't see it on a film or lab slide, it doesn't exist. I'm still dizzy and fatigued and he called it Post Concussion Syndrome. Sounds like a catch-all diagnosis 'cause he doesn't really know what's wrong.

I've been referred to a a chiropractor for jaw and neck trauma. The Md wouldn't say he thought chiropractic treatment would help, but if I wanted to try it, why not? Still out of work and looking for answers.

Last night I dreamt I was in my huband's Miata convertible, struggling to get the top up. It was raining and the inside of the car was getting ruined, but try as I might I couldn't get the top up; it was just TOO DARN HEAVY for me to strong-arm into place. I tried everything. There was a sense of urgency, frustration and responsibility. Gee, that's not a hard symbol to figure out.

But dreaming about wrestling with a Miata top is a long way from images of immovable semi trailers in my driveway. I think I'm on the road back.


Susan said...

I sure pray you are on the road back, Leslie. You haven't said what happened to you; perhaps you would prefer not to.

Sometimes healing takes a long time, and you have to take very good care of yourself while it's going on.


Lindah said...

Oh, ouch, Leslie!
I would say, if there is doubt in your primary care physician's diagnosis....definitely seek a second, even a third, opinion. I know that can be hard to think about when you are in pain and fatigued, but better to push it now and not regret having not done so later on.
Hugs and prayers.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I must be sympathy dreaming with you as I dreamt last night that I was driving a huge farm truck and couldn't park it, so my DD1 (who is 15 and doesn't drive) perfectly parked it for me. ...I bet a psychoanalyst would have fun with that!

It's going to take time to heal...not only physically but I would imagine emotionally too. I suspect at some level you might be pondering how you could lose your footing and also wondering about the "what-ifs" Time will hopefully bring some acceptance and healing.. (((hugs)))