Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pine Trees

This is the view of our front yard. I love these two pine trees, they're probably 30 years old

This is what I've been doing for a lot of the passed two and half weeks, trying to recover.

I listen to the wind in the tree tops, watch the little birds come and go and the light change as the morning passes. It's so calm, it's what I need. I love the smell of the pine resin as the day heats up, memories of summers gone by come and go in my thoughts.

On day six I sat in my recliner in the house and drew from memory. I'm a quilter, not an artist, but I was pleased with the outcome.

I've been gathering a lot of comfort and strength from these pines so it was a great disappointment when the landlord told us he'd hired a tree surgeon to take them out. He's decided they're too top heavy and a hazard. At that moment I felt it like the loss of a dear friend.

I realize they're just trees; but they shield us from the afternoon sun and protect us from the lashing rain. When the trees are gone I'll have nowhere to lay in the shade; and the birds will be gone too. I know I'm not emotionally up to snuff these days, but it just seems like it'll be so empty and silent.

I guess I'll have to install a pole feeder or two.


Susan said...

Oh, Leslie, I grieve with you for your trees. Many years ago, yards and sidewalk terraces here were full of towering, elegant elms, making our city streets like bowers. Then Dutch elm disease came along. As tree after tree had to come down, neighbors took casseroles and pies to those who had just lost a tree -- as you say, it was like losing a dear friend. Although the replacement trees have grown tall and graceful, people still talk about our lost elms with such sadness. I understand how you feel.

I'm glad to see you're taking it easy, though.


Fabricfaire said...

Gee whiz, taking your trees out is not good!!! I loved those trees in the yard. I do hope he is going to replace them immediatley with a sycamore or other leafy fast grown tree!!! How about a nice swamp cooler also!!!!

Fabricfaire said...

P.S. Your drawing is excellent!!!
Perhaps the landlord will also put a covered area in front of the windows! Can you tell how upset I am for you!!??