Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Seventeen

Went to the Chiropractor today. He was so empathetic. The Md had said, "Go home, rest. We can't do anything for you." The Chiro said, "Wow, you must've really clocked yourself. We'll get you headed in the right direction and back to the rest of your life." I LIKE this guy! After the mid-back and neck adjustment the dizziness was much less. Still slept the afternoon away, still have to search for the right noun or adjective... but an improvement all the same.

Not a lot of quilting going on at my house. Knitted so much last week - something I could do in my fog - that I have repetitive motion fatigue in my thumb. That's new.

Just gotta be patient, guess that's why they call us "patients."


Lindah said...

Good news! We're thankful for every bit of progress! Sleep is good. Healing and cell repair work happen during sleep, so I've been told.
That cat pic is perfect. I think I have felt like that on occasion.
:-) Is that your cat and your pretty quilt?

Kathie said...

oh hope your feeling better soon
maybe catch up on all those books you have wanted to read or movies , a trip to the library to borrow the movies and a few books is in order!
Love the kitty picture!

Fabricfaire said...

You and Lila are getting a "headstart" on getting well!!!