Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Had Other Plans

This is me moments before the accident.

There aren't any pictures of the accident, no one takes pictures during a crisis, there's too much else going on.

This is me for the last two weeks.

Finally had one of these:

But most concussions clear up in seven to ten days and I don't feel much better.

About day four I dreamt there was a LARGE semi trailer in my driveway and I had to move it. I mean literally, physically move it. There was no way. Then I thought maybe I could just put a key in the ignition and drive it out. But when I got in the cab it was so completely foreign it was clear I was not going to be able to move it. I'm pretty sure that semi is how I feel.

I'm waiting for the day when I dream about a thumb-sized matchbox car. I hope it's soon. Meanwhile, it's back to the doctor tomorrow.

Note: since some of my readers have asked, I was wading barefoot in the river, slipped and took a header into the rocks. Still have all my teeth, don't know about all my marbles yet. Hey, if my sense of humor is returning is that a good sign?


Elaine Adair said...

huh??? poor you! OMGosh, I'm so sorry for whatever happened!

Lindah said...

Leslie, I'm so sorry. Please take good care. Don't push it; take plenty of time to get well.
Hugs and prayers!

Susan said...

Good heavens, what accident??? Please take it easy, Leslie . . .

Hugs and prayers from me too!

Fiona said...

Doesn't sound so good - hope you feel better soon!

Jackie said...

Yes, having a sense of humor is a good sign! At first when I saw the semi, I thought it was your car vs. the semi.

The camping in the post below looks like a ton of fun!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Did it knock any sense into you? :o)

Hope you don't mind the joke...I use this one regularly with the kids :o)

In all seriousness.. I hope you are on the mend soon...