Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ninepatches for Bumblebean

Blogland is an interesting place. Quilters write about what they're working on, swap with friends they've never met and put out requests for fabric or blocks, which are readily answered.

I read Christine's blog, which asked for blocks for Bumblebean and so many quilters responded that she closed the request within two days! I'm sending mine anyway. I'm sure they'll find their way into a charity quilt somewhere along the line.

I made scrappy

and planned. Which kind do you like to make?


bits and pieces said...

I made a couple of placemats for my brother & his wife for Xmas presents. They were small (3 inch square) ninepatches, althernating with 3 in squares. Rotary cutting time saving exploring. I find my cutter gets dull mighty quickly. do you have that problem?

christine said...

received the nine patches safe and sound...

Thank you SO much for helping out with these! They are all beautiful...the blue and white are tempting me to make a simple blue and white 9 patch that has been on my mind.

have a wonderful weekend!