Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Border Options

I've been 'staying on task' with the Double Four Patch Strippy quilt. I love the red and browns, the last time I spread it out on the floor - it's grown to 89" x 106" - I was so excited by the *red*.

This is the corner treatment I'd planned when I drafted it in EQ. But when I laid it out, it looked like there was a hole in each corner, what was I thinking?

So back to the piecing stage, rummage around for a few more pieces of that background fabric, which I was running out of, didn't want to add a new fabric in the final stage.

But after all the back tracking and effort, I like the new corners much better.

When a quilt top gets this large, I don't want to sew each border on one at a time, it takes so much effort to muscle all that fabric around and under the needle. So I sewed the pieced border to the final border and added them as one; the blue line drawn indicates where there's another seam. It's not the conventional way of attaching borders, but it goes a whole lot faster!


dot said...

What I see looks lovely.

SuBee said...

Awesome - I'm so impressed with your patience in sticking with this one. - And outside your color comfort zone!

Jackie said...

What a lovely quilt and the border is fantastic! I love the idea of sewing the borders together first.

Nancy said...

It's gorgeous.

Elaine Adair said...

It's really lovely! And yes, the new corner is better. I also, do my borders the way you mentioned. Less wear and tear and stretching, less stress on the quilt and the quilter/sewist.

It's going to be stunning.