Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Sew Day

Finally called a Sew Day during the President's Day weekend. It seems if I don't have a sew day with friends at least once a month I feel out of touch with my quilty circle. Well as it fell out, I called ten people, the usual attendees and one after another said they couldn't make it; illness, family visiting from out of town, schedule conflicts... Life just has a way of getting in the way!

Chari and Fran came and we had a good time anyway. I made cinnamon french toast strata for morning snack and tuna salad served on greens for lunch. Nobody complained. :)

Fran's working on her maple leaf wall hanging.

And Chari was proud to complete her Broken Dishes mini. She asked me if I remembered giving her the HST's a while ago at another sew day. I'm pretty much the only one in the group willing to work with these cut-a-ways, but that day she agreed to use what normally gets thrown out with the thread bits.

So over a year later...
She said I'd inspired her to try. How nice, I'm a mini grandma!

I continue to work on my leader-ender Ocean Wave quilt. Sometimes I just sit and make HST's, they're very restive.

I have this great bend wood Shaker box that sits on my sewing table.

It holds the sewn HST's until I feel like pressing.

Once in awhile I sew a five and a half inch block or two and add 'em to the stack. Seven down, ninety to go. :)

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