Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Charm Exchange

This entry harkens back to December so if you don't want to think about Christmas quilts in January, stop reading now.

During the first week of December Finn, of Pieces From My Scrapbag , was working with her Christmas prints. It got me thinking about the Christmas Charm square quilt I've been adding to alittle each year.

Fifteen years ago I received a pack of 5" Christmas charms from a quilty friend and began sewing them into rows with a green-white-red diagonal pattern. The prints were from the 1980's and 90's and had the country charm of that era. Over the years I've added a few rows now and again, usually working on it during the Christmas holiday, as new charm squares came to me.

Finn and I had a great time e-mailing back and forth about my Christmas charm top and we exchanged 30 squares. They're great! Out of thirty I think there are only three that I already have. Pretty good trick! And they're from the same era, country charm.

I think I might be able to finish this top now.

Thanks Finn!

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Fiona said...

What a great idea - my tastes haven't changed much over the years, I love those prints.