Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday in the Sun

It's been in the low 70's mid-afternoons lately. Wow! We drove to the coast and I couldn't believe how clear it was, no fog in sight.

The northern California coast is mostly bluffs, signs say "Coastal Access", not "Beach Path."

But we found a beach... and we had it to ourselves for hours. Man I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, smell that!! How long has it been since we came out here last? Too long...

The sound is just so soothing. How can something so big and so constant calm rather than annoy? Always a wonder to me.

Went home tired, but happy.


Norma said...

My favorite place in the whole world is Morro Bay. Are you anywhere near there? I guess it is not that far north really. I tell my husband I NEED to go there so I can reconnect with myself. The ocean does that for me.........odd, considering I was born high in the Colorado mountains. I was put down in the WRONG place! LOL

SuBee said...

WOW! NONE of your posts are showing up on my bloglines! I came expecting to see one and you've got a whole slew of new ones!
LOVE the coast pics - I can just feel what it was like -- SO GLAD you got that day!!

bits and pieces said...

Ditto what SuBee said. Those pics are gorgeous. and I don't know how to get you on my bloglines (whatever those are) I love the driftwood shot. Makes me want to do a collage. So many things to do! Thanks for your earlier comment re: breathe!