Sunday, May 18, 2008

Silly Enough to Be Cute

I went to quilt mini-group yesterday and we made pin cushions. Had to make two 4" Log Cabin blocks to get started and that turned into a hoot! There were four of us and just as many ways to sew up Log Cabin blocks it seems. Chari was finished in what seemed like 30 minutes including mistakes and I was still pressing round 1 and a half. Mavis was struggling with the Log Cabin construction and complaining the whole time. "This isn't an easy block! Whoever said Log Cabin was *easy*?" After two hours of sewing she had one block complete. I love the variety among quilters. And as Finn said recently - You can cut across the ball field or you can walk all the way around but in the end you still get there!

These are the parts used, plus the red comb and some rice to give it weight. I used a bit of yarn for the waddle, but others cut theirs from red felt.

I think it's silly looking but it was a boatload of fun! And the pleasure of completing it in a single day was HUGE. Worth it for that alone. :cD

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Fabricfaire said...

Ooooh, so cute!