Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Doing It!

Thanks to Finn at Pieces From My Scrapbag, I've started crocheting a rag rug. Thank you Finn! I looked at her pictures, read her descriptions and gave it a try.

I cut strips 5/8" and sewed them end to end.

It always looks like alot at this stage.

But it winds into a smallish ball.

I'm using a 'G' hook 'cause it's what I had at the house the weekend I wanted to get started.

I've been so excited by the progress I make each day I've been taking it to work to add to it on my lunch hour; showing it proudly to friends and co-workers alike. Why is this so exciting?!

Then I realized growing up I asked many people to teach me how to crochet. I had several say, "Sure, I'll teach you." But when we sat down to a lesson they'd look at me and say, "Oh... you're left handed", and that was the end of 'the lesson'. I grew up thinking there was something about left-handedness that prohibited me from being able to crochet. Well I've over come that. Woo-HOO!


Finn said...

Leslie, it looks absolutely wonderful! What a great job you are doing...hard to think you are a beginner!!
I love the blue *VBS* Fun to use more than one color also.
Is it hard to pull the stitch through with a G hook? If so, I'd cut them a bit narrower.
I'm sure you could do it with wool, but I'd experiment with the weight of the wool and the width you cut it, and probably you'd need a bigger hook. I'm working on one rug with a M hook and 1.5" left over strips. It's kinda rough pulling it through, but it results in a thicker rug.
You sure have every right to be excited about your work!!! It's fun to watch it grow, isn't it? Big hugs, Finn

Fabricfaire said...

I love the colors, this process reminds me of when I was a little girl watching my Mom do the same! Out of necessity! Keep us posted on the progress!