Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memory Album

This quilt would've been a good one to post yesterday - Memorial Day - because of the colors, the memories of long ago friends, deceased loved ones and family represented here.

The blocks were made in 1989. I put it together and quilted it by hand in the early 90's.

This group of blocks includes a block in memory of my Dad who died at 58, my sister-in-law, my Dad's second wife and my Mom.

This group includes three friends from that era of my life and a block in memory of my maternal Grandmother. I've moved and the friends are in my mind's eye only, but when I look at the names I recall the sense of community I felt in that town. This is my late spring and summer quilt.

~ When this you see, remember me. ~

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Fabricfaire said...

What a wonderful tribute! The quilting is beautiful!