Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stars of Valor

I just looked at my notes and found that I drafted this QoV in February. I had asked myself not to start it until a few others got finished.

One of the things blogging does for me, similar to writing a journal, is show me my own life patterns. I can hear myself saying in an earlier post that I rarely make a pattern more than once. Well... my blog shows me I've made two other Star Struck quilts. I love it. Fun, easy and so visually pleasing.

It was easy to name it, even before the first dozen blocks were finished. A Quilt of Valor made in the Star Struck pattern = Stars of Valor. Some quilts seem to name themselves.

Once all the light and dark strips are sewn together, you cut them into rectangles, add a light and contrast square to each corner and then cut them on the diagonal. I like to line up 6 or 7 at a time and zip through them.

Left-handed cuts

Four sub-units make the block. I thought this was the easiest, least complicated piece-work on the planet. But when I wasn't thinking, I sewed four sub-units angled left instead of angled right. That created a star that spins counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. Huh.

This method also produces lots of bonus triangles, which I'll use in the border.

I was able to find just the right border and backing fabric at a little quilt store north of us. The rest is just straight sewing.

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