Saturday, August 15, 2015

GE Steam Iron

Next to my sewing machine(s), my vintage GE steam iron is my favorite tool in the studio.

I've probably had four of these in the last 30+ years and I love 'em! I always find them at thrift stores for about $4.00 and they are a work horse. It heats quickly, stays warm a long time after it's turned off - an added benefit to my mind - and steams like a tea kettle. I know a lot of quilters avoid using steam, fearing it will stretch or distort the fabric, but I've never had a problem.

I've tried a number of other brands over the years, including Rowenta, but I don't like an iron that's made of plastic or that turns itself off. I like the iron to be hot and ready to use when I pick it up. Sometimes the old version of a tool is the best.

ETA: I just Googled this iron and it's from the late 50s. I saw some selling on eBay for 35.00 and 95.00!

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