Monday, January 27, 2014

Woodland Birds

When I first got settled here, I was surprised at how few birds there were. The trees and bushes seemed silent compared to what I was used to at our house in the valley. I put out feed in hopes of encouraging the locals.

It took more than two weeks, but finally Juncos came - by the dozens.

A few weeks after that I was startled by a flash of bright blue, a Steller Jay.

And recently a handful of these cocky fellows. I've never seen this bird before so I got the out the book and found they are a Varied Thrush. They're considered 'an uncommon year round resident, a migrant visitor from September to March in forested  areas.'




Lindah said...

Such colorful birds. Aren't they a joy to watch. The little juncos are so sweet. We had those in VA, too, when we lived there. They would snuggle on the porch ledge under the eaves out of the snowfall.

Vic in NH said...

Thank you for identifying the birds with such fabulous photos! I call them all, "Hey, you.", but you have a new calling as a nature photographer. Good job!