Sunday, January 19, 2014

Postage Stamp Quilt

I have a good-sized box of 1 1/2" squares cut from scraps from friends and left-over projects. I wanted some mindless sewing so I started making little four-patch blocks. Once I had a stack I laid them out to see where I wanted to go next.

Creating a dark diagonal chain.

Sixteen-patch blocks...

On point...

Scrappy one-patch...

But I felt I've already done all of those in one form or another. I went to a file folder on my computer called Quilt source pix, sort of my personal Pintrest, which was my way of collecting images I liked long before Pinterest came along, and looked in there. I found half a dozen different pictures of the traditional postage stamp chain quilt popular in the 30's. My inner quilter must want to make this quilt.

I should probably start now... if I want to finish in this lifetime.

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