Thursday, January 09, 2014

Autumn Pullover

During all the weeks of packing, moving and settling in, I've been working on this year's sweater. So portable, such a comfort through it all. There's something very satisfying about the weight of a knitted sweater as it sits in your lap while you knit.

I spent most of November knitting and reknitting stripe sequences. Even though I drafted it in the sweater designer, I still needed to see it made up. I guess I don't mind ripping, 'cause I did a lot of it. 

I was concerned I might not have enough yarn, so I added a yellow gold called Straw and heather green. I traveled to near and distant yarn shops during Thanksgiving weekend looking for the right weight, color and texture. It was surprising to me how few LYSs carry Cascade 220 Sport. Everyone seems to want superwash. I bought superwash, but it was too soft, too nice, too... polished.

But one of the good things that came out of all that searching, was some wonderful advice. One of the shop owners suggested using a pencil to audition stripe sequences. "Like weavers do." Ah ha!


Once I figured out the order of the colors, it's been smooth knitting.


J Barham said...

Wow! the sweater is looking great! I'm glad you had help with your move. Blessings for the New Year for you and your family. Joyce B.

Lindah said...

Clever idea with the pencil.
And I love your stripe colors.

Janet said...

What a great idea using the pencil! I'm afraid I can't wear woollen garments and it doesn't get cold enough here anyway. I'll just admires yours.