Monday, October 01, 2012

Sew 'n' Go

Take a new pot holder, some snack-sized, zip closure bags and a piece of grosgrain ribbon and you can make a sewing kit to tuck in your bag.

The snack bags were a little too long for the potholder so I trimmed off a half inch from the bottom. Then laid two bags on each side, over lapping in the center and pinned in place. Next I pinned the ribbon over the bottom of the bags and stitched through all layers. You might want to match your bobbin thread to the front of the potholder and not the ribbon.

These little bags can hold your thread and tools for a small project.

Add a matching button to the outside and slip the potholder's loop over it to close. 
I read about this in a back issue of Fon's and Porter.

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